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Our Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

MSE Studio is dedicated to help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners on their Entrepreneurial Journey. If for some reason our approach or the outcome doesn’t meet your expectations we’ll take the risk on your behalf and refund your initial investment.

We’ll Refund Your Money.
No Questions Asked.

Try These Workshops Risk Free

Workshops with a Guarantee

We offer a guarantee currently on two of our workshops:
The Clarity Workshop & the Brand Discovery Workshop, part of our 90 Day Brand Development Program.

Clarity Workshop

There’s a reason for the name of the workshop. If you don’t get clarity, and it don’t live up to the name, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it. This workshop is Exclusively for Business Owners.

Brand Discovery Workshop

This workshop kicks off our 90 Day Brand Development Program. If you feel our approach to brand building is not for you, then no harm done. We’ll refund your money and the good news is that you’ll still keep the workshop material to use as you wish in your company and brand.