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Conversations on how society, individuals, and businesses can flourish in a new era.

MSE Studio’s upcoming podcasts will feature people with varied backgrounds and experiences from across borders, disciplines, generations, and industries to give the listener a broader picture of what the Nordic potential is.

We are currently at a crossroads as we enter the new decade, where we’re facing both internal and external challenges that go beyond our Nordic borders. GDP, austerity and quick-fixes haven’t brought us any closer to a solution. How could we work together with our Nordic know-how to find solutions rooted in some higher ideals and values, and redefine the Nordic for a new era?

Through in-depth interviews and conversation with experts, leaders, thinkers and skilled craftsmen, host Marko S. Eronen aims to find insights on how we can better understand the world we live in, and how we can continue the prosperity that our forefathers created for the current generations.

Meet The Host & Producer

Marko S. Eronen

The Finnish-Norwegian Marko started his career working with news production in Norway at the age of 17. Since then his professional career spans almost two decades working in the film- & media industry, including producing an indie feature film.

As a Millennial and a passionate advocate for the Nordics, he cares deeply about the future of the Nordic societies. He will host episodes in English, Finnish and his native language, Norwegian, to bring different cultures and perspectives together.

Topics oF Exploration

Business & Entrepreneurship

Brand building
Company culture
Entrepreneurial life
Work-life balance

Creativity & Craftsmanship

Food and drink
Visual storytelling

The Nordic & Societal Development

Mental health
Nordic identity
Nordic history
Urban development

In the Making

Podcast Production

Produced & Hosted by
Marko S. Eronen

Episode length
20 – 60 min


English, Norwegian, Finnish & Scandinavian