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Clients I’ve worked with include

The Flying Dutchman NoMad Brewing Company
The Flying Dutchman NoMad Brewing Company
Norwegian-Finnish Trade Association client logo
Ten Thousand Hearts client logo
Verde Consulting client logo
Parad Fakta client logo

Coming Soon: Becoming Part of a Neighbourhood

Easy Cycles is a newly established neighbourhood e-bike store in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.
Brand Development Case

Client Case:
The Norwegian-Finnish Trade Association

Building it Simple

NOFI is a Non-profit organisation with the main purpose is to promote and advance trade relations between Finland and Norway.

Photography: Personal

Seeing The World Through A Camera
Fotografi / Valokuvat

MSE Studio + Ten Thousand Hearts Partnership

Indie Feature Film: Screwed Pihalla

Finsk langfilm / Suomalainen pitkä elokuva (2017)

What happens Behind the Scenes

New Case Study: Building it Simple

New Case Study: Building it Simple

I published the case study for the Norwegian-Finnish Trade Association - a non-profit case I did back in 2017. As a non-profit- and a small organisation my key goal was to create a system with tools that are simple to update and maintain for non-technical persons, but...

Custom-Made Map + Animation

Custom-Made Map + Animation

Custom-made map style and animation for the Finnish documentary “Tarunhohtoinen Viena” for the Finnish broadcaster YLE.

Directed by: Arvo Tuominen
Edited by: Akke Eklund
Production: Bardak, Finland – 2018

Why I Developed My Own Approach to Brand Building

Why I Developed My Own Approach to Brand Building

Why did I spend 5 years developing something that turned out to become a brand development program for fellow Nordic Business Owners & Founders? It all started back in 2014 when I was still doing freelance work as a Motion Graphic Designer and Animator. Being at...

‘Screwed‘ – Official Trailer

‘Screwed‘ – Official Trailer

After a party-turned-rager that nearly destroys his home, 17-year-old Miku is doomed to spend the rest of the summer with the family at their cottage. It seems like a hopeless situation, but this Nordic summer has something else in store for him.

Photo of Marko S. Eronen - Founder MSE Studio

Meet The Founder

Marko S. Eronen

Visual Storyteller, Film Producer & Founder

Marko is an introvert Finnish-Norwegian visual storyteller. For almost a decade now he has been a Small Business Owner, while his professional career spans almost two decades working his way up the ladder from the age of 17. Gaining experience and knowledge in different roles in the media & film industry – from news production and motion graphics designer to indie film producer.