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Successful Brands are Built with Intention.

We help you discover your Authentic Brand Identity, and implement Strategic Brand Storytelling as a tool to grow your business.

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We are a Brand Strategy- & Storytelling Company

Based in Helsinki, Finland

We help Value-Based Nordic Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Become Intentional Brand Builders, and Succeed in Building their Unique Brand, Authentically.

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Live Your Brand Story

How We Bring Your Brand Story to Life

Building Your Media Company & Storytelling Capabilities

Stories and storytelling are at the heart of who we are and what we do. We believe every brand should be able to live and tell their own brand story from within, but we’ll help you take the first steps towards living Your Authentic Brand Story.
Stage | 01

Know Your Brand Story

For you to live your brand story, you must first know what story you are telling. We’ll start out by defining your brand and own brand story.

Stage | 02

Develop the Story

We help you develop your own Authentic Brand Storytelling Platform down to it’s details.

Stage | 03

Build & Expand Your Brand World

For others to be part of your brand story, we will need to create and design all the supporting elements needed to live and tell your brand story.

Stage | 04

Bring Your Story to Life

Now is the time to bring your brand story to life, draw people in, and make it truly come alive in the hearts and minds of people.

Stage | 05

Live Your Brand Story

Your brand story is something you live and breath every day. It’s a daily journey you embark on and must be continuously cultivated. Now you are building relationships that can last for a life time.

How we do It

Begin The New Decade With Brand Clarity

Introducing MSE Studio’s new Brand Development Program

The 90-Day Brand Development Program is designed for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to uncover their authentic brand so they can build their brand with confidence.

Photo of Marko S. Eronen - Founder MSE Studio

Meet The Founder

Marko S. Eronen

Content Strategist, Brand- & Storytelling Coach, Film Producer

Marko is an introvert Finnish-Norwegian storyteller. For almost a decade now he has been a Small Business Owner, while his professional career spans almost two decades working his way up the ladder from the age of 17. Gaining experience and knowledge in different roles in the media & film industry – from news production and motion graphics designer to indie film producer.

He is also the mind behind MSE Studio’s new 90-Day Brand Development Program, and the Story Builder Framework. The good part of the last five years has been spent developing a process that can enable him to help founders and business owners use storytelling strategically to build their brands.


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Frequently Asked Questions w/ Marko

Q: Why Do you Call Yourself Nordic?

A: As a half-Norwegian, half-Finn, I don’t feel I just belong to one or the other. Being born and raised in Norway with a Finnish mother, they both are as much part of me and makes me who I am. So where I can truly find myself is in the Nordic identity.

Q: What Languages Do You Speak?

A: I speak three languages fluently: Norwegian, Finnish, and English, with Norwegian being my mother tongue. Scandinavian also goes well, but with a Norwegian twist to it.

Q: Do You Have Experience From Working With Nordic People?

A: I started my professional career in Norway in our local TV-station with news production. Continuing the path in Finland working with documentary films, while gaining experience working in different work cultures.

I’ve been working professionally with Storytelling, but for almost a decade now I have also been volunteering as a board member in a handful of NGOs, working closely with cross-Nordic issues and people.

Q: What Makes MSE Studio Nordic?

A: My vision is to be able to work seamlessly within, and help Nordic companies grow not only inside the Nordic, but outside our borders, while strengthening Nordic Ownership.

As small countries we are able to achieve so much more when we cooperate, and see the value of our closely knit Nordic Family far up here in the north.

I believe it’s our responsibility as new generations to honour and celebrate the values and legacy of our forefathers. From what seemed like an impossible dream for poor nations – to build and live the good life in a trusting and prosperous society.

We must continue the journey they started, and redefine it for a New Era. Societies based on higher values, where we believe in the good nature and potential in each individual, and where we nurture talent. With the goal of creating meaningful value to flourish and prosper as people, nations and as a leaders in the world.

Q: What’s The Difference Between Other Companies And MSE Studio’s Approach To Brand Building?

A: The way I’ve designed our frameworks and processes is to help founders and business owners become more conscious about their brand and story elements, and how they affects their businesses. So it’s not necessarily the services that’s different, but how it all works together, rather than each individual piece.

I have similar first-hand experience with the realities of wearing many hats as a small business owner myself. That’s why our approach to brand building is to do it on Your terms based on Your resources.

Thirdly, as our dream states, I want to support value-based Founders together with their teams, build their businesses. I want to help them become more intentional brand builders and help them be comfortable with storytelling as a tool to grow their business.

Here’s some highlights on how we work:

  • We work with fellow value-based Nordic Founders and Business Owners
  • We only work with a select few full time clients per year, because we want to give our full attention to each client.
  • We are partners on your journey and want to create long-term relationships
  • Every client goes through our 90-Day Brand Development Program where we lay the foundation for a common language and all of our work.
  • MSE Studio is Introvert by Design.

Q: What Languages Do You Work In?

A: Our official language is English. Our frameworks, documents, content and communication are mostly in English. My vision is to create more content in the Nordic languages, turn the frameworks into local Nordic languages, as well as train local Nordic facilitators.

Q: Why Do You Use English?

A: As a small business, working simultaneously in more than one language would take up too much resources.

We also work with Nordic business owners who don’t speak a Nordic language as native language.

Q: Who Has Created The Website & Visuals?

A: Being true to myself as a creator I’ve personally made the website, all the graphics, illustrations and developed and designed the visual style to reflect the brand I’m building. I’ve used the same Story Builder Framework and process as you can use as part of the Brand Development Program. The photographs are taken by my friend Toni. You can check out his instagram here.

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