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Welcome to the Creative Studio of Marko S. Eronen.

MSE Studio

A Finnish-Norwegian Communication- & Storytelling Company

Based in Helsinki, Finland

Download My Free Icons Set

I created a free Norway-icon set that you can use freely in presentations, websites and content, for both personal and business use. Made for the celebration of Norway’s Constitutional Day. Enjoy!

17.mai Icon Set - 8 Free Icons

Clients I’ve worked with include

Norwegian-Finnish Trade Association client logo
Verde Consulting client logo
The Flying Dutchman NoMad Brewing Company
Ten Thousand Hearts client logo
The Flying Dutchman NoMad Brewing Company
Parad Fakta client logo

Client Case The Norwegian-Finnish Trade Association

Building it Simple

NOFI is a non-profit organisation with the main purpose to promote and advance trade relations between Finland and Norway.

Behind the Scenes

Released My First Free Icon Set + Link

Released My First Free Icon Set + Link

I created my first Icon Set for the occasion of Norway's national day 17. may. Use these 8 FREE 17.mai icons in your next presentation, website or in your social media content, No need to credit when you use is. Hipp hipp hurra!  What's Included - Icons Preview...

Fiskars Miniature Model – VFX Breakdown

Fiskars Miniature Model – VFX Breakdown

A Visual Effects Breakdown of how I brought a miniature model to life with water & fire. The clips are from a documentary film about the Finnish company Fiskars.

Client: Parad Fakta

Custom-Made Map + Animation

Custom-Made Map + Animation

Custom-made map style and animation for the Finnish documentary “Tarunhohtoinen Viena” for the Finnish broadcaster YLE.

Client: Bardak, Finland

MSE Studio + Ten Thousand Hearts

Indie Feature Film: Screwed Pihalla

Finsk langfilm / Suomalainen pitkä elokuva (2017)

Photography: Personal

Seeing The World Through A Camera
Photo of Marko S. Eronen - Founder MSE Studio

Meet the Founder

Marko S. Eronen

Visual Storyteller, Film Producer & Founder

I’m an introvert Finnish-Norwegian Visual Storyteller. My professional career spans almost two decades, working myself up the ladder from the age of 17 in my home country of Norway. I’ve gained my knowledge and experience from a variety of roles in the media & film industry – from news production and animation to indie Film Producer.

I’m also an avid reader and a passionate photographer.