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Celebrate 17.Mai

I created a free Norway-icon set that you can use freely in presentations, websites and content, for both personal and business use. Made for the celebration of Norway’s Constitutional Day – 17. mai. Enjoy!

17mai IconSet_Ver1_2021

Download Individual Assets


To download the file to your desktop right click and “Save as…”

NOTE: If you want all formats and additional sizes download the Collection above.


Norwegian Flag (Norges flagg)

Size: 640px


Heart Flag (Norges flagg - hjerte)

Size: 640px


Flag w/ Pole (Norges flagg - flaggstang)

Size: 640px


Two Flags (Norges flagg)

Size: 640px

17.mai Ribbon Rosette (17.mai-sløyfe)

Size: 640px


17.mai Ribbon (17.mai-sløyfe)

Size: 640px


Waffel Heart (Vaffelhjerte)

Size: 640px


Ice Cream (Iskrem)

Size: 640px

A Street in the Night
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