Small & Experienced

About MSE Studio

The Nordic is Home, Helsinki Our Base.

Authenticity Comes From Within

What we know

Core Capabilities

We are Storytellers

Stories and Storytelling are at the Heart of what we do. Our Services are Designed to Bring Your Authentic Brand Story to Life.

Strategic Storytelling

Storytelling is how you breathe life into your brand’s values, culture and vision. It’s what will make your brand come alive in the hearts and minds of your employees and customers.
This is The Essential Tool every successful brand use to their advantage. Use storytelling to stand out with Your Unique Brand Story.

Intentional Brand Building

First, to be intentional begins by Knowing Yourself – knowing your purpose and who you are. As a brand building partner we will ensure that the Founder’s Purpose and Soul is deeply integrated into the brand identity itself. Secondly, Know your Audience. The people you serve are the ones who will eventually help you achieve what you set out to build.

Marketing & Media Production

The modern ad-, media- & communication landscape has become diverse in nature. This fragmentation forces brands to be multiple places at once. While it can be a source of stress, it’s also a great opportunity – to Be in Control of Your own Brand Narrative. Modern brands must become their own media companies. And we’ll help you build yours.

Experience Design

The brand experience you deliver is where your story, culture, and values come alive. Your attention to details, how you design your experiences, and Deliver on Your Promise, reveals much about your brand’s true nature. Don’t waste those magical moments that will delight your customer, and bring true meaning to your existence by being in their lives.

Highlighted Features

Designed with Intention

Each brand is unique in its own way. Here’s some of ours…

The Spirit Within

Our Identity is Deeply Rooted in our Nordic Culture and Heritage. Something We are Proud of.

Nordic by Nature

Through our history, we have time and again shown the world that being small doesn’t mean that you have to surrender yourself in order to prosper. This grit, embodied in the Finnish word Sisu, is what the Nordic Spirit is all about.

The perseverance in pursuing your passion, and the resilience to keep going despite failures, until you reach your destination. These are worthy character traits for any Business Owner and Entrepreneur to embody on their entrepreneurial life and journey. But, don’t forget to balance it all out with some Scandinavian Hygge and fun along the way.

Our Design

We are not for everyone by design.

Introvert by Design

As individuals, we are all different, and this difference is a true source of flourishing creativity. To deepen the authentic brand building work we do, we have chosen to design all of our processes, services, workshops and events with the introvert in mind. We do this by creating spaces for them to share their views, thoughts and perspectives that often come with a delay. We believe that we are better off when everyone can be heard and contribute their valuable perspectives, even with a quieter personality. This means that we are FREE of ice-breaker games and giving high fives around the room while getting “into the team spirit” by screaming at the top of our lungs over the loud music.

The Select Few

We take our craft as seriously as we take our relationships with the people we work with. We want to build lifelong relationships, over transactional ones. Many serve those, we do not. To ensure that our clients achieve their goals and dreams, we need to take the time to establish and implement a solid foundation that can ensure long-term success. This is why we only work with a Handful of Clients, those that we can serve well, with Intention and Attention.

We are imperfect

In these times, we believe honesty is the best policy. As fellow Entrepreneurs and Creatives, we all know there is always room for improvement. Whether learning a new skill or experimenting with your craft, it takes courage, as you will always falter when trying new things. To find room for improvement requires you to look at yourself in the mirror, and be honest with yourself without judgment. It will keep all of us humble. It’s the flaws that makes us human, it makes us who we are, and as a result make us serve you better as fellow human beings.