Introducing MSE Studio’s

Brand Development Program

A Guided Step-by-Step Process to Clarify Your Brand.

If you’re ready to get clarity and become intentional about building your company’s brand, then this program is for you.

The Power of Brand Clarity for Business Owners

What Is The Brand Development Program?

The 90-Day Brand Development Program is designed for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to uncover their authentic brand so they can build it with intention. During the guided 90 day period you’ll discover what makes your brand authentic and unique with our step-by-step process.

The program is tailor-made to your company’s vision and resources.

Know and understand in what direction you are going, and you will begin to tap into the Power of Clarity. Slowly removing the confusion towards your brand in peoples minds and hearts. With a renewed intention and clarity you can build your authentic brand with confidence.

You and your team will work directly with your Guide & Facilitator Marko S. Eronen.

Your Guide & Facilitator

Marko S. Eronen

Brand- & Storytelling Coach

Meet Your Guide for the 90 days

Marko is a Finnish-Norwegian entrepreneur and visual storyteller. For the last five years he has invested his time reading and doing research on how he can merge the craft of storytelling with business. Where these two meet is in the sphere of brand building.

As a result, he developed the Brand Development Program, and the Story Builder Framework which the program is built upon.

Built into the program is his almost two decades-long career with storytelling working in the TV- & film industry, as well as his decade-long small business owner . By joining the program you’ll get to benefit from his almost two decades-long experience.

As an introvert his approach is a more in-depth and long-term approach to brand building.
MSE Studio is Introvert by Design.

A Letter From Marko S.

Your Guide & Facilitator

Three Principles Any Brand Owner Must Know To Become Successful

Dear Value-Based Business Owner,

For a Business Owner it’s the best of times, and worst of times. You, and I are living in a world where we are bombarded with competing commodities, mediocre brands and price wars. On top of that it’s easier than ever to start a business, with more and more businesses born everyday, ready to take our place in the market. As a fellow Founder, we exist and operate in the middle of a crowded marketplace, trying to fight our way through. If we fail to stand out, the results can be ruinous for our businesses.

Biggest cause of failure

The all too common struggle for most businesses is the inability to generate a steady cash flow. The reasons can be many – from not understanding the customers needs, to lacking a compelling message that resonates with people. While the reasons are different, the underlying problem is usually the same – a lack of sales, and profit to sustain the business long-term. And with it the passion and spark of the Founder is gone.

Of course some of the problems are more easy to fix than others. You may just need a nudge or a small shift in perspective to discover new potential in your business.

Overcoming the problem

To help businesses address the issues above, MSE Studio’s brand building work is based on Three Universal Principles. These principles enable me to help founders and their teams overcome problems that otherwise might keep them from tapping into the brand’s potential.

The Three Universal Principles are:

Principle One: Your Character

Know Who You Are & What You Value

Principle Two: Your Community

Know Who You Serve & Why

Principle Three: Nurture Your Relationship

Know How You Will Serve

A Word of Warning

Building a successful brand intentionally is to take the long-term perspective on your business. It’s essential that you are ready to invest the time and commit to the brand uncovering process through reflection and patience.

Developing and defining a brand takes time, as it will evolve over time. What you want to see in your business you need to cultivate over time.

Our approach to brand building is not about superficial rebranding, or cosmetically fixing your brand’s visual identity. We want to get to know You and your brand on a deeper level – to hear and understand who You are, where You are going, and where You are coming from.

Authenticity Exists already Within. We help Uncover it.

The Defining Elements

The 12 Core Elements of a Brand Story

The three-day Brand Discovery Workshop is an in-depth look at what makes your brand authentic and unique. This includes Your Brand’s AttributesMessagePromise, Mission, Origin Story, Personality & much more…

To uncover all of the raw material we need, we’ll be using our own Story Builder Framework. This framework consists of 5 Stages with a total of 12 Steps. At each step we’ll go through a series of questions and exercises where you will provide the answer to each one.

From the workshop material, we’ll develop your brand’s own 12 Core Brand Story Elements. Defining each elements and being able to express them is at the heart of the whole Program.

1. The Hero

Your Customers & Audiences

2. The Mentor

Your Brand

3. The Allies

The people who support your customers on their journeys

4. Antagonistic Forces

The Forces that keeps your customer from achieving their desire

5. Your Brand Gift

Your products & services

6. The Brand World & Universe

Your own world & the surrounding environment

7. The Call To Adventure

How you get your customer to go on the journey

8. The Journey

How you help them overcome their obstacles

9. Your Vision & Dream

How you envision the future

10. Your Northern Star

The values that guide you and give you direction

11.Your Message & Narrative

What you say to your customers to draw them into your story

12. Your Brand Elixir

This is the underlying transformational value in your story

Your Brand Story Matters

The Details

What’s Included in the 90-Day BRAND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM

Tailor-Made To Your Brand & Resources



Setting The Stage

First Meeting &
Brand Analysis

In the introduction meeting we’ll first get to know you better. Then we’ll take a deeper look at your company’s current business goals, vision, and resources and get to know your brand better to understand your brand’s specifics and starting point.

  • The Founder’s Interview
  • Assessment of your Company & Brand Assets
The Brand Development Program

Day 1 – Program Start


The Program

The Defining Moment

The Three-Day Brand Discovery Workshop

This In-Person Workshop kicks off the 90-Day Program, and begins the development process of uncovering your authentic brand identity and story.

“During our time together, I’ll take you through the Story Builder Framework (SBF), a step-by-step Framework that merge timeless and universal business- and storytelling principles. Throughout the process we will uncover the elements that defines you Authentic Brand Foundation, Brand Identity & Brand Story.”

The Workshop Includes:
  • The 12 Core Brand Story Elements
  • Customer Persona
  • Core Identity
  • Your Brand Message
  • Your Brand Positioning
  • Verbal & Visual Expression
  • Brand Culture
  • Your Brand World & Experience
  • The Customer Journey

Monthly Brand Development Sessions

We will choose one focus area and a business element to test and develop further. Looking at how well it aligns with your authentic brand.

Monthly Implementation Sessions

We will apply our findings from the Brand Development Session and find ways to implement them into your business.

Founder’s Sessions

This is additional support for you as a Business Owner & Entrepreneur when it comes to answering questions related to the brand development process itself, brand building in general or implementation of them.

Your Branded Storybook

(Digital Edition)

All of the raw data & material we uncover in the three-day Brand Discovery Workshop is reviewed and compiled into your custom-made The Brand Storybook.

The Brand Storybook
Digital Edition
Your Brand Identity & Story In One Volume

Your Custom-Made Brand Storybook

Upon completion of the program you’ll get your own Brand Storybook that is customised to your brand’s look and feel.

In this Practical Guide you’ll find your brand’s 12 Core Brand Story Elements, including your Brand’s Identity. This guide is the foundation for all your future brand building work with us.

We will continuously develop the Storybook and add new content to make it more practical and useful with additional features.

The Storybook includes

  • Your Brand’s 12 Core Brand Story Elements
  • Your Brand Identity
  • Your Brand Attributes
  • Focus Areas & Action Plan
  • And more…

Features + Bonuses*

  • Customised Brand Look
  • Interviews with fellow Founders + Cases

* The Bonus Features will be updated

Day 90 – Program End



A Year Long Journey

Half-Year- & One Year Review

You will have two reviews after you’ve completed the program to see how it has worked out for you.

Lifetime Membership in the MSE Studio Fellowship


The work of building a brand is never truly complete, so we want to maintain a relationship years after you completed the program. After you complete the Program you’ll be invited to join the MSE Studio Fellowship with other Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who have gone through the same program.

The Brand Development Program & The Brand Storybook

Who Can Become a Client?

Value-Based Businesses

We currently work only with established companies and their Founders with a minimum of 2 years of experience.

Value-Based Founders




Small Business Owners


Medium-Sized Business Owners



In these turbulent and insecure times we want to work with value-based Founders and Brands. Those who choose to express their higher values through their business as a way to improve the world around them and have a positive impact on society.

We want to work with Founders who want to join us on our Dream to “Make the Nordic the Best Place on Earth to be a Value-Based Entrepreneur & Creator”. Together we can aim higher.

PS. You must have at least two years of entrepreneurial experience to qualify for the Program, or if you have an otherwise value-driven brand let us know and we might find other ways to collaborate.

Take Your Brand to The Next Level & Build Your Brand With Intention