Case: Communication in the Modern Age

Building it Simple

Updating the Trade Association for the digital age.


Nøkkelord / Avainsanat

Non-Profit Organisation
Trade Association


Tjenester / Palvelut

Branding Assets
Basic IT-Support


Sluttresultat / Lopputulos



Sted / Paikka

Helsinki, Finland


År / Vuosi

2011 – 2021

Client Quote

“MSE Studio did a complete redesign of NOFI’s website and built it to be a user-friendly communication tool for us. Our values are well reflected in our new website. Marko works with a high sense of professionalism and sensitivity in a prompt manner and delivers excellent results.”

Tua Takasu

Coordinator & Member of the Board

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The Case: NOFI

As a non-profit organisation with a volunteer board and one employed Coordinator they need to be able to communicate effortlessly and effectively with their members and event partners.

The daily operations include communicating with their members and keeping them up to date about what’s going on in the associations with their newsletter, organising events and seminars sending out invitations, receive RSVP’s, as well as communication and marketing together with their event partners.

An Old Look, built on a Cumbersome & Outdated Technology

Their previous website was built on outdated technology and required basic knowledge in HTML coding, this was an obstacle for updating and maintaining the website with the limited resources outside of their core operations.

At the same time the visual style felt outdated and the design not adapted to a new digital age with multiple platforms and screen sizes.

Our Approach & Solution

As a previous member of the NOFI board I had a good understanding of how the association operates and what limited resources they have to work with. This became our starting point for simplifying and updating their digital workflow and integration, with the overall aim of the communication and brand building work to be low maintenance.

Together with the Coordinator and with the support of the Board our approach and solution was:

A Website Platform with a Visual Builder

Remove the need for special technical knowledge to keep up to date

Update and simplify the visual design

Simple member-newsletter and marketing tool

About the Trade Association

Handelsforening / Kauppayhdistys

NOFI – The Norwegian-Finnish Trade Association is a non-profit organisation established in 1985. The organisations main purpose is to promote and advance trade relations between Finland and Norway. NOFI is supported by the official Norway in Finland and cooperate in organising events and seminars for their members and they network of individuals and SMEs.

01 | Website Design

Upgraded Design (2017)

Oppgradert design / Päivitetty design

Website + Illustration

02 | Illustrations

Website Illustrations

NOFI Norway Finland Illustration
NOFI Event Illustration